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Incredible Microsoft TouchLight Tech

From Gizmodo:

Researchers over at Microsoft have developed TouchLight, a touch screen technology that combines off-the-shelf components to create a unique and interactive affair. Several different types of cameras are positioned behind a holographic projection material screen recording your movement. Approaching the screen, you then see a projection of yourself or whatever you have touching the screen. This opens up several different types of applications, not least of which is the normal touch screen activities.

This is really one of those stories where seeing is believing, so be sure check out the fruits of Redomnd’s research and start thinking about ways to abuse it like we do with a Xerox machine.


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AMD to drop ATi brand

AMD is dropping the ATi brand! I’m really surprised, it is a very odd move to drop such a huge name in graphics, with many millions of dollars sunk into marketing the brand. A very risky move if you ask me, but hey what do I know…

*edit – apparently this story is possibly false… will update when the truth comes out 😛

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