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Bump Keying

The most fundamental security device in the world has been hacked in a way so simply and quickly, this could be considered the biggest hack in history. Also see this PDF for more detailed info.

Crazy! Wonder if my local locksmith would make me a few…

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Bike Messengers Are on Crack

Crazy video of NYC Bike Messengers in a race through the city… I think if I was a pedestrian I would have something to say about that. Like “Here’s my umbrella in your eye socket.”

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Originally uploaded by Tsunami Notes.

Just testing the Flickr blog feaure, with one of my favourite Flickr users, Tsunami Notes. Awesome stuff!

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ShowMeWhere: Google maps for everyone!

Easily Create and Share Google Maps. Show Me Where is a point-and-click interface to creating customized Google Maps. Want to place a marker on a map? Just click there. No more geocoding is necessary in order to add points to your maps. Instead, just navigate there using the Google Maps interface you are accustomed to.

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FlickrStorm best way to search Flickr

FlickrStorm is a third-party Flickr search tool that aims to give you new ways to search and collect photographs from Flickr

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